The Inner Peace Collection

The Inner Peace Collection

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Don't let the chaos + uncertainty out there, destroy the peace in here. 

As humans we naturally respond to fear and uncertainty about the world around us by protecting ourselves with emotional armour; projecting, avoiding + suppressing are common ways we avoid pain and discomfort. 

Doing this is kind of like putting a bandaid on a bruise. Sure we can't see the hurt, but it is still underneath the useless armour, painful and ugly. 

Inner peace, strength and agility are developed by sitting in our fears, pain and hurt; feeling all of the feels, expressing your thoughts in a way that speaks to you, accepting that we can only control our reactions to what is happening around us and then letting it all go. 

The products in this collection were included to encourage you to develop your own inner peace, strength + agility. 

Make your inner peace a priority. 

Set includes:

1 Slow Burn candle

1 11oz mug of choice + relax tea

1 Low + Slow Bath Salts

1 Roller ball of choice

1 Release topical